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© 2020 by Winnie Cheung, Richmond BC | winniecheungmakeup@gmail.com

About Winnie

Less is more. Winnie strongly believe that using minimal makeup on each woman's unique face creates the most beautiful look.

​一直以來,Winnie都覺得化完妝要比不化更美,還有要像自己才算是美。科技越來越發達, 化妝品越出越多。好像你用越多的產品就代表著越漂亮的錯覺。 Winnie常常看到明明皮膚就好好的女生,用了粉底液反而蓋住了她皮膚的光芒。也有一些明明就有一雙很漂亮的眼睛卻畫了一條很粗的眼綫。。



女生都愛漂亮。Winnie也試過為了讓自己的睫毛更長更翹去了弄假睫毛。 結果眼神卻被濃密的睫毛擋住了。

10 Signs that you'll love Winnie's style

1) You love natural, feminine, elegant style
2) You're a big fan of natural and organic beauty products

3) You strive for a minimalist lifestyle

4) Your favourite colors are: soft pink, coral, white

5) You love simple & quality things
6) You have a child-like personality and love children

7) You love surrounding yourself with positive, loving and kind people

8) You have sensitive, delicate skin
9) You wash and blow dry your hair almost everyday

10) You value quality over quantity